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“Storytelling to impact social change.”

StoryTelling Foundation is a nonprofit organization that uses the power of storytelling to bring awareness to social issues.   Founded by Dr. Beverly Boone, StoryTelling Foundation was first born out of her love of reading, writing, and sharing stories. While there is an abundance of research to support the power of storytelling, Dr. Boone soon realized in her work as a teacher and motivational speaker that storytelling was not just for entertainment, but it truly can deepen awareness of social issues and motivate people to change. Dr. Boone explains…


“Society is faced with heartbreaking challenges that require the creative thinking of all people, including our artists. Our sense of empathy is stimulated by good storytelling in a way that can cause others to move into action. For example, being bullied as a child led me to write the stage play, Breaking the Silence of Bullying, which demonstrates how much school bullying hurts its victims and offenders. Both young and old can identify with these characters in ways that often motivate them to be part of the solution in ending such destructive behaviors. My childhood memories of a woman in my community caught up in the throes of domestic violence, along with meeting a dedicated social worker, Bevelyn Mitchell, of the Rape Crisis of Horry and Georgetown, compelled me to write the dramatic play, Family Secrets, which tells the story of how one family found healing after suffering from generational domestic abuse.”


Organizational Beliefs:  

  • A well-constructed story can be compelling in changing attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors.
  • Empathy is important for individuals because it allows us to understand how others are likely to react to situations.
  • Most people want to do something to help others and will respond in positive ways to a well-crafted story more often than to a list of facts.


  • To craft original and engaging stories that will entertain and expose the readers/audiences to issues of social injustice.
  • To support those who agree that change is possible and want to become change agents in alleviating the suffering of others.
  • To connect across cultural differences to those shared values that strengthen our ability to unlock the door to change.

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