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Where do stories come from?

Beverly grew up in the small, southern town of Troy, North Carolina, during the 50’s and 60’s.   During her early years of childhood, Beverly enjoyed carefree days as she and her sister, Sivi, rode their bicycles from dawn to dusk, chased butterflies and fireflies, and devoured globs of Mary Jane candies and Marshmallow Moon pies! Remembering those carefree days of childhood inspired Beverly to write twelve autobiographical stories that became her first best seller, Life is Like a Tootsie Roll˚ Lollipop: The Adventures of Sib and Bib.

As an elementary and middle school student, Beverly also experienced bullying from peers that made these years very difficult at times. “My peers considered me different and justified their cruel taunts because, in their opinion, I thought I was pretty or I thought I was rich or too smart…”

Over her award-winning career as a teacher and school administrator, Beverly has helped many students to overcome bullying behaviors. “I wrote the play, Breaking the Silence of Bullying, to open communication and to serve as a catalyst in preventing/stopping bullying for any reason,” states Beverly.

“Writing is such an expressive art form,” reflects this prolific writer. “I enjoy facilitating workshops, especially writing workshops because every human being has a fascinating story to tell. Often, they just need a conduit…a way to get the story from the heart to the page.”

Beverly recently released a uniquely beautiful writing journal to provide students with the perfect tool for reflective writing. Life is Like_________: My Companion Journal, which contains colorful pictures created by professional artists, along with fun and engaging writing prompts. This beautiful journal is the perfect follow up after reading the author’s autobiography; Life is Like a Tootsie-Roll˚ Lollipop: The Adventures of Sib and Bib.

Beverly’s interest in writing and reading inspired her to earn a B.S. degree in Secondary English Education at North Carolina A & T State University, Greensboro, NC.  She eventually continued her education at North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC; earning two additional degrees – a Master in Educational Leadership and Administration and a Ph.D. in Educational Research and Policy Analysis.

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