Craziness, Bad Luck and Sadness

Written by Beverly Boone I was probably nine or ten years old when I first saw Mrs. Flora Jenkins lying facedown in her front yard, screaming for my mother’s intervention, while her husband, Mr. Willie, pounded her face into the dirt. This was my first introduction to domestic violence. However, it would be years later before I knew it by […]

Peabody McDreamies

Written By Beverly Boone Long before Grey’s Anatomy made popular the term “McDreamy” to describe over-the-top good looking males (also known as cutie pies, hunks, hotties, eye candy, and hot biscuits) who have a tingling impact on ogling females, I can still remember my friends and I gazing hypnotically at the “McDreamies" entering the halls of Peabody High School. Indeed, […]

Our New Website

I am proud to announce the launch of my brand new website! Learning about anti bullying has never been easier!

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