Dr. Beverly Boone is the author of the following books and stage plays. All can be purchased through online retailers, such as Barnes and Noble and Amazon. For more information about purchases, workshops, and speaking engagements, please e-mail the author at bevboone@aol.com or call 843-504-5408.

Daffodils of Damascus
Sometimes The Hardest Things
My Little Birthday Princess
I Am Loved I Am Forgiven

Dr. Beverly Boone, Author and Speaker

“My life-long dream of seeing one of my books on the book shelves of Barnes & Noble has come true today! Please stop by the Myrtle Beach Barnes and Noble in Market Common to purchase your copy of “Daffodils of Damascus,” in the Christian children section! Take it from me, Dreams do come true! Thank you for your support!”
– Dr. Beverly Boone

Recently recognized as a South Carolina Educational Television (ETV) “American Graduate Champion” for her commitment of time, skills and resources to make sure that young people succeed, Beverly Boone is an individual who plays an active role in improving educational outcomes for students.

“As a child, I can remember wanting to write and tell stories more than anything else in the world. Before I knew how to form letters or to read, I can remember stringing together endless lines of scribble and pretending that I had actually written great stories,” shares this life-long educator, author, and dynamic speaker.

A popular motivational speaker, Beverly draws from her sense of humor, educational and personal experiences, and life lessons to create a message that is custom-made for each audience and the occasion.

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